Saturday, July 22, 2017

Prima - Night Dragons

Hi Everyone!!

Sharing my little altered dragons today that I created for Prima. These little guys were purchased a little while ago when I went visiting the local junk shop..$2 bargain! When I purchased them I had the idea in mind and the Finnabair waxes and opal magic paints helped make them come to life.

'Night Dragons'

How adorable are these little guys? Super super cute!

I cut apart a Prima vine to add a little extra interest to each dragon before painting entirely with black gesso and then top coating with Finnabair waxes and Opal Magic paints.

For this little guy I added a Memory Hardware crown, I think it suits him :)

Materials List
961459 Heavy Gesso - Black
963958 Metallique Wax - Vintage Gold
964283 Opal Magic Wax - Vintage Silk
964269 Opal Magic Wax - Blue Velvet
964276 Opal Magic Wax - Turquoise Satin
963675 Acrylic Paint - Opal Magic Blue - Gold
963637 Acrylic Paint - Opal Magic - Violet-Gold
555726 Pixie Vine - Sun Kiss
Memory Hardware - French Regalia Crowns 1


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dusty Attic - Altered Light Bulb

Dropping in today to share my altered light bulb. I have wanted to try to create a hot air balloon from a light bulb for ages so this month I thought I am going to give it a go using Dusty chippy and it worked exactly as I hoped it would.


To create the balloon I firstly removed the insides out of the light bulb. The outside of the light bulb was then covered with Chandelier #3. The chandelier was placed in water and then once it was quiet wet it was then placed over the light bulb and then molded to shape. Once the chandelier was dry it was then attached using soft gloss gel.

To add extra interest to the balloon I then trimmed the thin decoration pieces from the bottom of the Luxury Scroll, this was also wet to allow it to fold around the light bulb without breaking. It was attached over the top of the chandelier and then I attached some small cogs to hide the joins.Some larger cogs were added to the front as a centerpiece.

At the back of the light bulb to give an extra feature I added a bit of a tail and to create this I cut apart the Lace Border and used one part of it.

To create the title for my balloon I cut apart one of the Medallions to make a fancy heart and then attached the title.

The basket of the balloon was then attached to a large cog which was cut in half to attach to the bottom of the bulb.

For extra trimming to the balloon I added chains and gems for a little bit of bling.

Dusty Attic
Materials List
DA0748 Chandelier #3
DA1353 Luxury Scroll
DA1503 Lace Border #4
DA1734 Medallions #1
DA0689 Mini Cogs
DA1170 Live Beautifully

961459 Heavy Gesso - Black
963958 Metallique Wax - Vintage Gold
963972 Metallique Wax - Rose Gold
963996 Metallique Wax - Old Silver
Memory Hardware - French Regalia Crowns 1


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dusty Attic - Web Of Creativity

Hi everyone!

Dropping by today to share my spider dreamcatcher aka my web of creativity. The dreamcatcher has been created entirely from Dusty chipboard. The chains are from a cheap necklace and I raided hubby's stash of screws in the shed.

'Web Of Creativity'

The dreamcatcher features a lot of the newly released Dusty chipboard which is absolutely gorgeous! The base of the dreacatcher started with the new large Dusty Clockworks clock and the new large Doily #10. The doily fitted perfectly behind the clock to create an added feature and it also kind of reminded me of a web.

To create the hands for the clock were created with 2 of the paintbrushes from the Dusty Paint brushes #2 set, they worked perfectly for the look I was going for. The large spider sits upon one of the new smaller clockworks clock faces. The foilage behind everything is also new and has been created using the Mystic Frame #2 and a Mystic Flourish.

The hearts have been cut from the new Medallions #1, I love the detail to them. To extra dreamcatcher tails have been created with 2 different sets of Dusty Doodads.

The hands for the smaller clock have been taken from the Perfect Moment title set.

Once the dreamcatcher was finished I added my cotton spiders web, just to make it look a little more authentic. 

Dusty Attic
Materials List
DA1750 Clockworks Large
DA1749 Clockworks Small
DA1745 Mystic Frame #2
DA1741 Paint Brushes #2
DA1734 Medallion #1
DA1720 Doily #10
DA1747 Mystic Flourish
DA1756 Perfect Moment Title
DA1405 Doodads #8
DA1399 Doodads #2
DA0114 Spiders
DA0002 Cogs #2
DA1393 Cog Cluster

961541 Finnabair Clear Crackle Texture Paste
961480 Finnabair Texture Paste Black Sand
961459 Finnabair Heavy Gesso Black
963576 Finnabair Rust Paste
964283 Art Alchemy Wax - Vintage Silk
964023 Art Alchemy Wax - Bronze Age
963968 Art Alchemy Wax - Aged Brass
963972 Art Alchemy Wax - Rose Gold
964245 Art Alchemy Wax - Green Brocade
Air Dry Clay
Cotton Thread